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+ How do I report bugs or get technical support?

See our Support page.

+ What if I want my church to use REVEAL for Me?

We would love for your whole church to use this content. E-mail us and we'll get you set up!

+ How do I access this content?

All this content is available via iOS, Android and web (The recommended browser is Chrome). Click here to get started.

+ How much time does it take (approximate) to walk through one topic?

R4M can take as short or long as you desire. An example timeline can look like:

Personal Prep Time (before group meeting) - 10min

Mentor/Small Group Discussion - 1-2 hours

We also have over 50 next steps programs that dig deeper into the 9 core topics. Those are structured to be done over the course of a week, spending a few minutes each day.

+ Where can I find my assessment results?

Locate and click your profile image. Locate and click “My Growth.” You will find all your results here.

+ Where can I find tech support and give feedback?

Right here actually!

Also, you can locate Help and feedback anytime in the lower left side of your panel. On the computer, *Not on the app.

+ How small or how large should my group be?

We recommend 2-12. A mentorship of two at the minimum and a group of twelve at the maximum.

+ What are the supported devices & versions?

You can find all supported devices and web versions here.

+ Can we customize the content and modules?

Yes this is available with advanced administration rights. Please contact us for more details

+ Is REVEAL for Me available in languages other than English?

Currently, the platform supports platform navigation in Spanish and Portuguese. All of the REVEAL for Me content is in English.

+ Do you provide any kind of survey helpline or customer assistance?

You can reach customer service by using the contact info found on the Contact Us page.

+ Is it possible to preview REVEAL for Me in advance?

At any point you can jump into the REVEAL for Me experience, explore it and decide if it’s right for you. We currently don’t charge for this, so there is no risk in it. Start now.

+ Is there an age limit for participants?

The content was written for adults, however there is not an age limit for this. Use your best judgement as you walk through the topics.

+ What do I do if there is an issue with the app?

Please let our support staff know! Email or submit a ticket.

+ Can I delete my account?

You don't have the ability to delete your own account, but you can certainly request it! If you would like to request your account be deleted, here’s what will happen upon deletion: •You will no longer be able to log in with your account. •Any Space that your user account owns will be deleted. •Any post made with your user account will be deleted. •Any comment you’ve made with your user account on another post will be deleted. •Any Collection or Moment you’ve created with your user account will be deleted. •Any Invitation you've created with your user account will no longer work. •Any Content activity done with your user account will be inaccessible. Your Profile page will be deleted and your user account will be removed as a Connection from any other person you’re connected to. You will no longer receive email notifications.

Additionally, if you are a member of a Champion: •Any Programs or Assessments you’ve made with your account while a member of a Champion will not be deleted. •Any Collection you've made with your account while a member of a Champion will be deleted. •Your account will no longer be able to post on behalf of a Champion. •Your account will no longer be able to create any Programs, Collections, or Assessments as a member of a Champion. Your account will no longer be able to access any additional configuration/information for the Champion.